Our Audio Services


From guitars to drums, from vocals to keyboards, we have the best Microphone brands at you disposition!

We also offer a mobile recording service, to follow your needs whenever the inspiration strikes.

Feedback and Mixing

At studio 34 we offer both a professional feedback service on your productions and the best possible mixing for your tracks and productions. Check the prices as they may vary with the number of tracks


Our engineers have already been working with some of the best Djs and Producers of the EU and besides being published by many professional labels some of their mastered jobs made it to Adidas Store's compilations too.


We know that sometimes artists just need someone to help get them started or to give them ideas the right development, or more simply they are more focused on performing and getting gigs and really need a hand to finish their projects.

Our staff will follow precisely all your instructions and compose for you exactly what you have in mind!

Writing & Composing

Starting from the sonic branding or the jingle for your start-up business to the soundtrack for a video.

Our artists are trained and expert composers skilled with all kinds of music and influences.

Ask for some samples of our work to see what we can do.

Tutoring & Courses

At studio 34 E.L. our certified engineers organise short production courses for all types of DAWs.

They also offer, for a very convenient price, a tutoring service, with on-call availability and remote assistance even from home, to help you build the skills you need to make music.

Our Music and Audio Services Studio 34 East London

Welcome to the Services Portfolio Studio 34 East London Page.

Services Portfolio Studio 34 East London

360° Services

With all these services in our rooster and all out knowledge and expertise we truly can offer what only few others can!

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Services Portfolio Studio 34 East London

Our Music and Audio Services Studio 34 East London