About Us

Let us say something about our philosophy of work and our ideas: we believe in talent, passion and commitment and that the right combination of the three can generate beautiful music.

A lot of good and talented artists do not even make it to publish the first track and we know how hard is the music market nowadays.

We also know that collaboration is the only answer to this problem. for this reason we often help our clients with offers, discounts and gifts, to participate in their passion!


Our Mission

Studio 34 starts in 2016, from friendship and knowledge sharing, when a group of Sound Engineering students meets.

The deep connections that we developed allowed us to create a strong and complete working unit, with Engineers specialised in Sound for games, to composers of video and movie scores,  recording engineers, producers and many more.

In this way we can offer expertise and support for all your needs, working perfectly together to make the best results possible.

Studio 34 East London logo

Our Approach

We start from the smallest idea, in close connection with our clients on every step, and thanks to our team members and their different areas of specialisation we can give the best result possible.

Studio 34 wants to be a trusted partner for you and your projects from a single recorded instrument to interviews or voiceovers.

Write us for all the services, the pricing and the availability of the facilities.